About Me

 Image courtesy of  Catherine Coons

Image courtesy of Catherine Coons

Hey There!

Welcome, and thank you so much for your interest in Stephanie Paula Photography. I'm Stephanie, lover of God and His people; my coffee to creamer ratio is backwards; I think lipstick is always a good idea (when I’m not wearing any on my teeth); I consider napping a hobby; and for as long as I can remember, I have been drawn to photographs. I believe the old-time phrase that says, "a picture is worth one thousand words". Because really, it is. Each picture has a story and that’s what moves me most: telling your story.  The fleeting moments just in between shots is what I'm drawn to the most. Your new husband holding the train of your dress so you don't collect little twigs along the way, or the tickle match between siblings as the parents are getting adjusted. While I'm happy to capture the photos of everyone smiling that have to make it in the mail for families and Christmas cards, it's still those in between shots that really fuel my passion for what I get to do. I’d love to work with you in telling your story and documenting those raw, real moments that make you- you.


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