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How do WE know if we are a good fit for each other?

If my work makes you feel warm and fuzzy feelings, if you value your wedding photography as an investment and not just something to check off the To-Do list, if you like when I post my pug on instastories, if pad Thai is life, and if you're down to get a little dirty and a lot cuddly then chances are, we're made for each other.


Once you've decided which package better fits your fancy, I'll require our contract signed and returned back to me along with a 30% retainer to lock in your date. WOO!

When will we RECEIVE our images?

2-3 weeks for portraits and engagements and 6-8 weeks for weddings. I tooootally get that waiting is a bummer so I do my best to have some previews within a week!

What is a first look and why do you recommend it?

A first look is when you set time aside before your ceremony to see each other. I highly recommend them but not because it seems like a growing trend. I got married 8 years ago and doing a first look was practically unheard of. But, man, what I would give to have the opportunity to do that over again. The idea of seeing my best friend before all the added eyes and pressure hit us would be a moment I know would have brought me so much comfort. I understand and respect that it's not for everyone and that's totally ok! But for those of you on the fence, here is a great article on more pros.


Listen... pobody's nerfect.(where my Office fans at??)

But because I can relate to feeling like a potato sometimes, I can also photograph you in ways that are the most flattering. At the end of the day, what's the point of living one of the most beautiful moments of your life but having your wedding gallery photoshopped to look like two entirely different people? Also, it would probably take a billion years to do so. However, if you wake up with one of those My Big Fat Greek Wedding pimples you best believe I've got your back! 

Do you Travel?

You bet! I have such an appreciation for this world and wouldn't mind documenting your love story in any corner of it! I have wedding packages that already include ALL travels fees. So if you're planning a destination wedding and want me to be your third wheel, say hey!

how many images will we receive?

Every wedding is so special and unique with all of its little details, I never give an exact amount every time. But, to give you an idea, an average wedding of 8 hours would expect a gallery of 500-800 images.

Can I send you a shot list or ideas i've found on pinterest?

Thanks but no thanks! I want to capture your day the way it naturally unfolds and if I'm trying to work off of a checklist then it takes me into a totally different headspace. I go into task mode and the creativity takes the back burner. It's a given that I will capture all the necessities i.e, getting ready, family shots, ceremony looks, bridal party, etc. but if there is any detail that stands out from the norm that you'd love me to capture just let me know!


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