“I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them.” -Andy Bernard






I’ve never been one to like any kind of attention but for this relationship to be a two way street, I suppose it’s only right to ramble on about myself for a bit and let you know things like walking the streets of New York is how I  feel most alive, I squeal when Drake drops a new single, I’m obsessed with pugs, and I have a deep love for indie movies. I also believe that Bleachers is the best band in the world  and I'm a 30 year old that's not afraid to fangirl over Timotheé Chalamet #notsorry

I fell in love with art and photography on a trip to Italy when I was 15 and it was about six years ago that I purchased my first DSLR camera in a supermarket parking lot. It felt as sketchy as it sounds… It didn’t take long until I found what I loved photographing most. I believe that love is love and capturing your genuine story through the filter of my lens, regardless of looks, race or orientation, fills my professional love tank to the brim. My joy comes from seeing you celebrate that love and I’m so down to celebrate it with you. 




My work has been published on |Junebug Weddings |How He Asked by The Knot |100 Layer Cake



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