Cristi + Jose // Alva Wedding

My heart could honestly burst sharing these photos. I'm quite honored that anyone would choose me as their wedding photographer but this wedding, this couple... the honor went above and beyond. Cristi and Jose are some of our closest friends. Their journey wasn't always easy being that they dated long distance for so long. Their journey is one of love, grace, perseverance, hope and all things good and worthy of fighting for. I remember shortly after their engagement I was having dinner with Cristi and she was telling me how big her wedding guest list was- I was floored. It was in the 300's. I joked that i didn't even know that many people. Fast forward to wedding day and it all made sense. They genuinely love and care for all those people and more. Seeing so many friends and family come together to share in celebrating their love was such a testament to the kind of people they are. Their hearts are as big as all heck and I wish them all the happiness in the world.